Devolution Wheel

Devolution is a heavy powerhouse unit solidly rooted in Metal, driven by the dreams of an inseparable musical duo. The roots of Devolution began when Founder/Guitarist Nate Beberdick first found the urge to start a band in his youth, a fateful move which led him to drummer Eric Tysor. The Virginia-based buds traveled the East Coast as Deviation, gaining a whirlwind of touring experiences over the course of three years, including shows with Burn The Priest-era Lamb of God.

Even after Deviation went their separate ways, there was no separating Nate and Eric, who continued to make music and amassed over 20 years worth of songwriting, but at a point where Eric already had a family, and Nate focused in on a government career and his newborn twins, they stepped away from the music scene for a few years. No matter what, the passion for the craft could not be extinguished, and during a reflective and inspiring time period, Nate came to realize how much he needed music in his life, and determined to come back to it with a newly ignited energy that was stronger than ever. Naturally, Eric was right back in the game, and the inseparable pair were reunited to take on the world as Devolution. 

A highly fortunate mixup found the Richmond, VA-based Nate connected with a metal producer in Richmond, Australia by the name of Dr. Mike Trubetskov, who happened to work with Jon Howard of Threat Signal, who appreciated their talents and agreed to join Devolution. Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory was the next to hop right on board and join his Arkaea bandmate, Jon. 

The new four-piece set out to record a music video with Scott Hansen (Meshuggah, Sevendust), a director that Nate had connected with when he appeared in Meshuggah’s “The Abysmal Eye” video. The production cemented Devolution as a band, while big plans converted an initial EP idea to a full-length. 

Nate and Eric are at the center of all songwriting for their full-length, with Tue Madsen following Producer Dr. Mike on mixing and mastering from his own Antfarm Studios in Denmark. The result is Deceiver, Believer, built on a foundation of their very own label, Close Encounter Records, with logo artwork created by Tony Squindo, Metallica’s famous artist. The album features a guest vocal appearance by Cristian Machado (ex Ill Nino/Lions at the Gate), and synth work from Chris Dudley (Underoath) and Misstig. Devolution’s logo was designed by MindKiller Ink. 

Devolution has already started working on another record, as energy and creativity flows into a collaborative writing process within their solid lineup, with plans to take to the road and beyond. 

Deceiver, Believer will be out on June 28th, 2024 via Close Encounter Records.

Dates Coming Soon!